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Mondays Moment for Moms

Moms need a sign for the house that says “Excuse my uncombed hair or the cereal on my shirt. There may be dust on my furniture and laundry sitting unfolded. I’m busy. I’m tired. I’m raising a successful child. And I have my priorities set.”

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Mondays Moment for Moms

Who is this angel? / Sent here to change me / Sent here to take me where I’ve never been / Long I have wondered / Weary and waiting / For something to shake me and life to begin   — This Angel song lyrics by Jennifer Nettles and Mike Reid


Mondays Moment for Moms

It was so exciting to see all of the effort in May to raise awareness for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Moms, don’t let moms struggle alone! Help your friend or family member as they cope with the new baby and ask questions about the mom’s well-being, especially in the first year.

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