This week starts the season of Summer

The weather has changed, the sun is out for longer hours, the neighbors are chatting over the fence and the windows are letting in a breeze. Summer can be a transition time for families, from homework and after school activities to sleeping in and playing in the sprinkler. But the time will go by quickly!

If you a new mom, this may be your first chance to get out and take the baby for a walk. Seeing the neighborhood, looking at nature, and getting some light exercise can be refreshing for you. Isolation is a common concern for new moms, they have been cooped up, or have been overwhelmed and unable to find time to get away. Without social interaction we can feel alone, and be alone with our thoughts for too long. Dwelling on worries, over analyzing and ruminating can shift our mood and increase our anxiety.

I suggest jotting down a Wish List for summer – places you would like to go, things you would like to do and people you would like to get together with. Each Monday check the list, is there anything you can incorporate into the week. Taking each item one by one can make them more manageable.

Enjoy and have a great summer!

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