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Time for rest!

We made it through another Christmas! So many moms that I work with describe the intense schedules, shopping, cleaning, cooking and school activities that surround this time of year. I hope you can give yourself permission today to sit and catch your breath. During pregnancy a woman’s body utilizes it’s energy differently, so naps and taking breaks is a must! For couples hoping to become pregnant, the days away from work can help to re-focus your energy on your health and being close with one another. Let the spirit and love of seeing family and friends linger just a little longer!

Welcome to Maternal Matters

I often have new ideas or thoughts that I would like to share with the community of women struggling to become pregnant, those coping with the loss of their pregnancy or newborn and women who have a baby and are trying to cope with all of the changes and adjustments. This blog will allow me to communicate with you directly! You can check-in and see if there are updates, new resources or helpful tips. I want you to feel you have a place to learn and gain strength. Feel free to email me with questions or ideas for the blog at Take care of yourself, Kathy Gardner, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

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Kathryn Gardner, MA, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Palos Heights, IL. Specialty area – working with women before, during and after pregnancy.