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Are you staying in the moment?

You may be pregnant, trying to get pregnant or just arrived home with your new baby ~ are you staying in the moment? It can be a challenge to if you keep looking ahead or dwelling on the past and pull yourself to focus back on what is going on right in front of you. We are often searching for answers, will things get better? Will they every be as good as they are now? Why was the past so difficult? We analyze and replay past events, we get stuck waiting for the “good ahead” instead of realizing that this moment, where we are right now is just where we are supposed to be. So look at today and take it all in, take a mental picture, and save it! Name 3 positive things about today.

If you wish to explore your thoughts, your worries or feeling stuck – give me a call and we can discuss counseling services. Kathryn Gardner, LCPC at Hope Enrichment Center in Palos Heights, IL.

Journaling to sort through your worries

So many of the moms I work with describe worries about their role as a mom, their relationship, their baby’s health, their competence in this role, worry about managing roles inside and outside the home…the list goes on! Racing thoughts, feeling tension and having a hard time relaxing can all be the result of unresolved thoughts. I recommend journaling to sort through the worries you have and dump the uncertainties onto paper (or type them out!). Journaling can be great to just write out our raw thoughts, or even ask all questions – and be okay that there are not any immediate answers! You can journal in a notebook or even on an app on your phone. So taking away the pressure to be a true author, let the thoughts flow and often you will find that by simply seeing your worries on paper you can start to take the first action steps to resolution! Good luck!

Feel free to contact me for counseling services to discuss journaling and other stress management tools. I am in private practice in Palos Heights, IL. Hope Enrichment Center  or you can visit my website to learn more about me and my experience working with women before, during and after pregnancy.

Sleep concerns during pregnancy

** All recommendations on this blog are for guidance, always follow your doctor’s recommendations as your main source of medical advice.

It is a well known fact that sleep is important for our physical and mental well being. But what happens during pregnancy when sleep is disrupted by aches or having to get up and use the bathroom (countless times!)? Many women complain of feeling worn down or not feeling well rested the next day, especially as the pregnancy progresses.  This fatigue can lead to poor concentration, feeling decreased motivation, becoming easily irritable or withdrawing from others. In order to manage sleep challenges during pregnancy I recommend a few things – first, resting is better than being up and alert, so let your body relax and do not pressure yourself to be in a deep sleep. If you get breaks at work or during the day, close your eyes for 10 minutes. If you need more pillows at night, use them to prop up and find a more comfortable position. Keeping hydrated is important but monitor how late you are drinking liquids to decrease the number of late night bathroom trips. And if your mood or energy are being impacted by sleep, take naps early in the day to recharge. The more you can rest and learn good techniques now, the better you will be when baby arrives and let’s you know his schedule for sleep!

FREE workshop being offered at Hope Enrichment Center, Palos Heights, IL

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Hoping 2013 is full of new opportunities, good health and happiness

As we start a new year, it is a start to a new chapter! We get to decide what is written in that new chapter. We can make choices to move farther away from the toxic people in our lives and seek out energy-giving adventures. Women can set new goals, have a new vision, closing the chapter on 2012 and all of it’s ups and downs. Best wishes to you as you move forward! If I can help in any way to be your guide or you are seeking counseling to achieve a healthier you – you can contact me at or via Hope Enrichment Center in Palos Heights, IL at 708-448-7848.