Journaling to sort through your worries

So many of the moms I work with describe worries about their role as a mom, their relationship, their baby’s health, their competence in this role, worry about managing roles inside and outside the home…the list goes on! Racing thoughts, feeling tension and having a hard time relaxing can all be the result of unresolved thoughts. I recommend journaling to sort through the worries you have and dump the uncertainties onto paper (or type them out!). Journaling can be great to just write out our raw thoughts, or even ask all questions – and be okay that there are not any immediate answers! You can journal in a notebook or even on an app on your phone. So taking away the pressure to be a true author, let the thoughts flow and often you will find that by simply seeing your worries on paper you can start to take the first action steps to resolution! Good luck!

Feel free to contact me for counseling services to discuss journaling and other stress management tools. I am in private practice in Palos Heights, IL. Hope Enrichment CenterĀ  www.hopeenrichmentcenter.comĀ  or you can visit my website to learn more about me and my experience working with women before, during and after pregnancy.

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