Month of love

Happy February! In a month focused on love, I thought I would reflect on the many ways moms show love to themselves and their children. Women are so hard on themselves, typically taking care of everyone else first. They sacrifice and put others needs before their own. Guilt typically holds you back from saying “this afternoon is about me!” But I encourage you to schedule “me time.” Plan a day when you can have someone watch the kids and you get out! It will feel good to recharge your batteries. And it will leave you more energy in your bucket to then give back to your family. Kids have their own love languages, per Dr. Gary Chapman, but knowing that the simplest of gestures can fill their hearts. Giving a big hug, making eye contact when the child is talking to you, giving positive compliments when they try hard and having a fun activity together can all be ways you show your child that they are your Valentine!

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